Think Twice is a global communications consultancy and media intelligence laboratory headed up by Marie-Anne Mingalon and managed by a team of experts from the media and communications field.
The company opeartes internationaly and especialy with start-ups in the entertainment & culture sectors.

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Avant-première d'Eng nei Zäit - 9 octobre 2015

Samsa Film présentait Eng nei Zäit en avant-première au Cinéma Utopolis. En présence ...

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Marie-Anne Mingalon

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  • Strategy

    Audits and communication strategies, media and editorial plans, production of technical analyses (areas for development, implementation, human & financial resources, planning, budgets...)

  • Digital contents factory & Graphic studio

    State of the art production of brand content by a network of professionnal journalists, photographers and visual artists for original, honest and effective communication.

    Covering the whole of the audiovisual, editorial and graphic chain.

  • Coordination of opinion leaders & publics relations

    Creating synergies with internal resources
    Promoting influential networks, monitoring and optimising sponsorship operations and corporate sponsorship.

  • Press relations

    Initial contacts with press, development of strategic editorial partnerships, compiling, developing and updating qualified databases.

  • Events

    Think Twice can design and coordinate your event-based activities: press conferences, seminars, networking and more.

  • Service for startups

    Drafting of the company’s DNA, culture & values, Storytelling, assistance for BP overhaul, Pitch editing & training.
    Graphic design: logo and declensions, app design and declensions
    Printed & digital strategic tools : investors pitch, business model, ...
    Creation of Digital Presentation Kit
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Brand content & visual art are all sources of knowledge and emotion and are exceptional vehicles for image and business development.

Internet, and on a broader level digital technologies, have merged with society to become its nerve centre. The speed at which information is shared and its various forms has completely influenced communication challenges.
When a company issues a message it creates contents which are meaningful and effective for users.
Tools and channels exist to organise and disseminate the content which target the widest possible audience or just a select few.
Think Twice facilitates links between the business in the broadest sense, through original multimedia projects which address specific communication objectives.
The creations correspond perfectly to the company and are used and disseminated consistently with their targets.

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Think Twice offers:
  • A wealth of creativity
  • Multimedia know-how
  • Expertise in content dissemination channels
  • Privileged access to a distribution network

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About Marie-Anne Mingalon

As a journalist-report Marie-Anne covered major sporting events for the international press before being responsible for organising and promoting them (America’s Cup, Marathon des SAbles, 24 hours of Le Mans and more). Then as content producer, she oversaw the production of films for cinema & TV (long feature films and documentaries, reportages, short features and institutional films) and the creation of digital and publishing content. Following successful associations with Publicis, Havas and directly with advertisers (PMU, AXA, HERMÈS, VÉOLIA, EADS, and more), publishers (HACHETTE LIVRES, ALBIN MICHEL), Marie-Anne Mingalon founded Think Twice to cover the whole range of brain and brand content production and distribution issues for her clients.

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